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General Advice for Bike Hire

  • Insurance. Coast to Coast Cycles does not offer insurance to cover you while you hire bikes. All cycling activities carry some risks and you may want to arrange your own insurance. If you have travel or holiday insurance it may be worth checking whether it covers you for the cycling that you intend to do.

  • Helmets. We encourage you to always wear a helmet when riding. We will not hire bikes out if you do not have a helmet that fits, either provided by us or by someone else.

  • Child Seats. If you hire child’s seats please note that the minimum age is 9 months and that the child should be able to support its own head for long periods. The child’s weight must not exceed 40 lb, or 18 kg. Make sure that the straps and foot rests are adjusted correctly and that there is no loose clothing that might get caught in the bike wheels. Stop periodically to check that the child is still secure.

  • Locks. Always lock bikes when they are left unattended, even if this is for a short time. Be sensible about where and when you leave bikes. For example, it is not sensible to leave bikes unattended in quiet areas where someone can break through the locks without being seen. Always lock bikes to another object so that the they cannot be carried away. If you do leave the bikes unattended then take the pump, saddle bag and any of your own property with you, don’t leave it on the bikes. The locks we provide are best carried in a backpack rather than on the bike.

  • Riding off-road. Be sensible about riding on the fells especially in bad weather. Respect the mountains and don’t take on something that you have no experience of. If the weather is bad think about doing a lower level ride in a less remote area. Every year walkers and mountain bikers get into trouble on the fells and rescue services have to be called out. Always tell someone where you are going and what time you are getting back so that they can raise the alarm if you don’t return. Don’t call out the mountain rescue for trivial reasons but do call them out if you are in real trouble. The number is 999.

  • Gears. Don’t push hard on the pedals when changing gear. For the best gear change you should be pedalling swiftly but without much force,. This usually means anticipating hills and changing to a low gear before you start climbing.

  • Chains. If the chain does come off the bike then stop pedalling and dismount immediately. If you continue to pedal then the chain can become badly jammed in the bike. Most instances of the chain coming off are caused by pushing hard on the pedals when changing gear.

  • Ride within your capabilities. There are some physically and technically difficult routes in this area and it sensible not to take on a route that may be beyond your ability.

  • The bikes may be set up differently to bikes that you are used to riding. All hire bikes will have the front brake operated by the right hand lever and the brakes may be more or less aggressive than you are used to.

  • Have a backup plan if you should get into difficulty when out riding. For example, have someone that you can phone to pick you up. Coast to Coast Cycles will always help you if we can, but it is not something that we can guarantee to do. Also be aware that mobile phone coverage can be patchy in some areas.

  • You will normally be provided with a minimum of two inner tubes per bike and charged the normal retail price for any that you use. Please let us know if you have used any tubes so that we can replace them for the next person.

  • Be aware that the term “mountain bike” covers a large range of prices and intended uses. Our mountain bikes are fine for riding medium level routes (sometimes called Red Routes) but are not built for extreme (Black) routes and above. When riding off road please be considerate to landowners and shut gates behind you. Be aware that cycling is not permitted on footpaths but is permitted on bridal-ways so plan you route accordingly.

  • Hybrid bikes are not designed to go off-road beyond fairly level, gentle paths. The tyres are not designed to go over large stones and will not give much grip in mud.

  • We do not offer cycle lights. If you cycle at night you must fit your own lights.

  • It is advisable that you know how to deal with minor issues such as punctures, taking wheels on and off and adjusting the saddle hight. If there are any mechanical issues that arise during a ride and that you are not sure about then please ring us. Never continue to ride a bike that you suspect to be unsafe. Don’t continue to ride on flat tyres or with very low tyre pressure.

  • If you hire bikes for more than more than one day please oil the chain at the end of each day if needed and check the bikes for safety before each day’s ride.

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