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Terms & Conditions

As the hirer it is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • You and everyone in your group (i.e. those you have hired bikes for) are physically fit enough to ride a bike and that there are no known medical or physical reasons from any of you not to ride a bike.
  • You and everyone in your group are competent to ride a bike.  In particular you must all be competent to ride a bike on the public highway.
  • You and everyone in your group must ride in a responsible way at all times.  If you or anyone in you group should be found to be riding in an irresponsible way or misusing hire equipment then Coast to Coast Cycles reserves the right to terminate the hire agreement and reposes all equipment immediately and with no refund of hire costs.

In Addition:

  • Coast to Coast Cycles cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or damage caused by or in connection with the use of the hired bikes or equipment.
  • Coast to Coast Cycles does not provide any insurance to you or your group in connection with the use of hired bikes or equipment.
  • You are responsible for the route that you choose to ride.
  • As the hirer you are responsible for all bikes and equipment loaned to you.  Any loss or damage that is beyond normal wear and tear will be repaired or replaced by Coast to Coast Cycles and charged to you at a reasonable rate.
  • If you become aware of any problem with the bikes or equipment that might cause them to be unsafe then you must stop riding. Contact Coast to Coast Cycles as soon as possible.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that bikes are locked whenever you leave them unattended.
  • You are responsible for the return of the bikes and equipment by the agreed time.  The extra cost for bikes that are returned late will be £20 per bike for each half day (or part there of) over the agreed hire time.
  • Except in respect of death or personal injury the total liability of Coast to Coast Cycles to you under this contract is limited to the total cost of your booking.
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